Use this form to register your Game Console or Streaming Device on the Network.

NOTICE: Routers are NOT ALLOWED on campus. If you wish to connect more than one device with an Ethernet cord you will need a network hub or switch. You can also connect your device with the Wireless. If you have any questions regarding this, please call the UTM Computer Help Desk at extension 7900.


1. Plug your device into the network or attempt to connect it to SkyNet PSK (passphrase is SafeFallCity!9). Note: Do not use a network hub or switch until your device has been registered. You need to plug your device directly into the wall for the registration software to see your device for the first time. When connecting to the wireless, the network test for your device may fail. This is ok because by simply attempting to connect, our registration software will detect your device. Once the device is registered, the connection test should pass.

2. After connecting your device either through the wired or wireless network, follow the instructions found here to get your device's MAC address.

3. Enter your Portal Username and password, the MAC address (or current IP address) of your device below, into the form below, select the correct device type, and click on "Register".

Your device should now be registered. It may take a few minutes to complete the cycle through the network, but after you should be able to connect without any issues. If your device does not work after it says it has successfully registered or you receive an error message when trying to register your device, call the UTM Computer Help Desk at extension 7900. For faster service, have your device's MAC address and any error messages you receive from the registration process when you call.

Game Console / Streaming Device Registration

    e.g. AA:BB:CC:11:22:33


UTM Help Desk at 881-7900